Grant Stenhouse


Product Development Director

Grant and his team are responsible for the development and construction of new global projects.  In 2012 alone, his team completed 29 major projects across seven countries involving in excess of £140 million of investment, ranging from major developments within the existing portfolio to the continued roll out of new Midway openings and Theme Park hotels.

On graduating from Edinburgh University where he had been studying Ecology and Marine Biology, Grant joined SEA LIFE Attractions in 1982 to manage the Oban site but quickly moved away from day to day operations to become responsible for a range of development projects, including the opening of two new SEA LIFE attractions, and establishing and managing the company’s first 'Biological Services' department, offering expertise and general support to the then five attractions in the UK.  Following the management buyout of Vardon in 1999, Grant played a key role in the assessment of all the portfolio’s attractions and in 2002 became wholly responsible for delivering all new Merlin attractions.