Merlin Entertainments has a robust and comprehensive governance structure in place for matters relating to health, safety and security. The Health, Safety & Security Committee, which is chaired by the company’s Chairman, meets quarterly in order to review health and safety performance and set the strategic parameters for the business.

Monthly Executive Committee meetings have health and safety as a core element of each agenda. The company’s Group Health, Safety and Security Director regularly updates the Committee on matters of policy, performance, strategy and operational programmes with contributions from each of the Operating Group Managing Directors.

Each Operating Group (such as Resort Theme Parks, LEGOLAND Parks, Midway Attractions and Merlin Magic Making) has its own Health, Safety and Security Management Committee which meets quarterly.

Management Approach to Health, Safety and Security

We have a well-developed and systematic approach to the management of health, safety and security risks, in line with the endorsed model of the United Kingdom’s regulator – the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This approach, outlined in their official Guidance document “Managing for Health and Safety” (HSG 65), sets out how organisations should organise themselves and deploy suitable and sufficient safeguards for the effective control of workplace health and safety risks. A similar international standard, OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001, has also been established and our management approach to health and safety is informed and guided by this global Standard.

As part of our constant attention to health, safety and security, great focus is placed on designing and implementing programmes pertaining to each of our five cornerstones, as follows:

  1. Leaders:  Our leaders and managers must exhibit visible and proactive leadership towards safety and establish robust compliance and improvement plans in support of this vision.
  2. People:  Our employees and contractors must be equipped with the necessary skills, experience and cultural attitudes such that they understand and control safety risks effectively.
  3. Standards:  Our standards and procedures must be clearly documented and rigorously followed to help ensure we design, build and operate in a safe and compliant way.
  4. Assets:  Our assets and equipment must be fit for purpose throughout their term of operations.  
  5. Performance:  Our safety performance must be measured so that we are able to understand, improve and sustain our performance.

A positive and proactive safety culture aims to help us meet or exceed industry and legal standards and above all safeguard our guests, employees and business partners. Our safety and security procedures and practices are continuously reviewed to identify where there are opportunities to implement new safety innovations or improvements and thereby reduce risks still further.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we always seek to learn lessons from any incident or near-miss event that occurs – whether that be within our business or elsewhere in the sector.