Seal Sanctuaries

Merlin's SEA LIFE sanctuaries at Gweek in Cornwall; Oban in the West Highlands, Hunstanton in Norfolk, and Manly, Australia are the 'emergency services' of the marine world. Their expert and dedicated staff are available round the clock to race to the rescue of abandoned, stray and sickly seal pups around the often storm-lashed and inhospitable coastline. Casualties receive intensive care in purpose-built hospitals, and are gradually restored to full health and fitness ready to return to the wild.

Our goals at the SEAL SANCTUARIES are four-fold:

1) To rescue and provide professional treatment for sick, injured or distressed marine mammals who are found around our shores.

2) To rehabilitate or provide and maintain a home for the unfortunate animals that would otherwise would perish in the wild.

3) To release the rehabilitated marine mammals safely back into their natural environment.

4) To create a greater awareness of the marine environment through the work that is undertaken.

Our sanctuaries aim to rehabilitate and release back into the wild all rescued seals. Only occasionally do the seals need to join the sanctuaries full-time as residents. We rely heavily on the support of our guests to help in our mission to revive injured marine mammals. To join us in our effort to care for these beautiful creatures, you can learn more about our work or even adopt a seal of your own!