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Our unique, award-winning WILD LIFE attractions combine state-of-the-art design with stunning, authentic theming to recreate the iconic habitats of Australia. Situated in Sydney and Hamilton Island, these attractions are dedicated to the preservation and care of a wide variety of animals. In fact, our WILD LIFE parks are one of the only places in Australia where the koala bears actually want to hug you!

With a wide variety of initimate indoor and expansive outdoor enclosures, including Koala Encounters on the rooftop and the huge Kangaroo Walk-About on the middle level, there is so, so much more than first meets the eye. We know you'll be VERY surprised at how big we are and how much there is to see here.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Journey around Australia on an all-Aussie animal adventure at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Get up close to koalas, walk amongst kangaroos and wallabies and come eye-to-eye with Rex - one of the world’s biggest crocodiles! With a host of other unique and legendary animals, including the wombat, cassowary, and many more, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is THE Australian animal adventure, all conveniently located in the heart of Sydney city’s beautiful Darling Harbour.

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WILD LIFE Hamilton Island

Centrally located on the resort side of the island, WILD LIFE Hamilton Island provides the perfect place for you to get up close and personal with some unique Australian wildlife. There are a range of furry marsupials that call WILD LIFE home, and for those that like creepy-crawlies, meet the park's snakes and lizards. Take a guided tour of our unique Australian sanctuary and be introduced to the local koalas, kangaroos, birds and even the resident crocodile. Your guide will educate you on our wildlife while also being there to help you feed, talk and touch our Aussie animals. When you are finished exploring the park, enjoy breakfast or lunch at our cafe, followed by cuddling a koala!

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